About toning

Toning is a healing force that can be directed to a specific area in need of healing. By toning in the same vibration as the blockages the healing process begins. As a Tone Healer I instinctively locate and tune in to the area for healing, I do not need to know which organ is concerned, when you indicate the general area I often begin to feel the pain.

The results of tone healing can usually be felt within 5 to 6 hours, although repeated toning is sometimes necessary for a definite result. I have experienced how swelling goes down during a toning session. Discomfort from asthma or a toothache have often disappeared rather quickly. In a case of partial paralysis of the face, three treatments were necessary over a period of one week before the paralysis vanished.

I have used toning on other cases where discomfort has disappared: dizziness, stomach ache, shortage of breath, neck pains, tennis arm and pain in joints, fungal disorders, headaches, severe tension, temporary hearing problems, chest pains and other aches and pains in, for example, the arms, shoulders and hips.

Toning is a surprisingly strong healing force. As a Tone healer I can also intuitively prescribe MusicMedicine which will start the purification process.

You are welcome to contact me for more detailed information or if you have any questions. My consultations are always strictly personal from my home/office in Östervik in Nacka, outside Stockholm. I sometimes make home visits.